Andrew Gottlieb CEO, No Typical Moments

Brice has been a savior to No Typical Moments and I don't use those words lightly. Every campaign we've run with Brice has not only delivered superior results that have blown our clients expectations out of the water, but he handles himself with class, professionalism, humbleness and kindness that I have found to be unmatched. Brice is an invaluable asset to our business and our clients.

Kendra Wright Founder and Head Strategist, GetMyFunnelDone.com

You don’t need a rocket scientist, a masters degree or voodoo magic to profitably pump leads into your business. But… you will need to hire Brice Gump. He’s been the fastest, easiest and most effective way I’ve found to get masterfully managed PPC campaigns and air-tight funnel tracking for all my clients. He will clear the fog on all your marketing metrics and help you make crucial decisions with confidence by leveraging the data in your business. Smart business owners don’t think twice, they hire Brice.

Jerry Cooper Founder and CEO, Click Search Media

Major Impact Media has built and managed highly profitable lead generations campaigns for many of my clients and working with them has been a great experience every time. Brice is incredibly smart and a great person to spend time with. If you have an opportunity to work with them on a project, I suggest you take it.

Jaime Josefson Founder, Greenstream International

Brice Gump helped me in my early start up that turned into the company that I run today. He was very flexible and adapted well to the constant change we were facing. He is wise beyond his years and is a great asset to have when you need people who get things done.

Luke Filipos Director of Marketing, Austin Coding Academy

Working with Brice and Major Impact Media was really great for Austin Coding Academy. We had them construct a series of email campaigns that helped drive enrollment for our classes. The ideation and creation process was very professional and the results delivered a solid ROI. The big advantage to working with MIM was that I felt like I was working with a seasoned professional and not a fresh-out-of-college account manager, which can often be the case at larger agencies.

David Gonzalez Founder, Simply The Coolest

Working with Brice over the years has been amazing! I now consider him to be a key part of my team. He’s proven to be a great marketer that really get how to grow an businesses online. It’s been exciting to see his company grow over the last few years and I look forward to see him hit higher and higher milestones.

Thanh Pham Founder, AsianEfficiency.com

We had a big product launch coming up and we needed expert help with paid traffic ads to generate revenue. During a launch everything that can go wrong will most likely go wrong unless you have experts helping you. We came to Brice for help and he and his team were very helpful. They helped us generate a lot of webinar signups and sales during the launch. What we liked most working with them was how fast they could change things during a launch. I’d let them know what needed to be changed at the last minute and they simply got it done – fast. We’re going to work them again on all our future launches and I would recommend them to anyone looking for paid traffic help.

Sohpia Bera Founder

If other business owners are looking for help with their analytics, I highly recommend that they check out Major Impact Media. Brice was super helpful in framing our content creation strategy for 2017. Most business owners don’t make decisions using data, but that’s what the best online marketers do!